I was always the fat kid!  I didn't think it was even possible to lose weight.  I just accepted it.  Being a fat kid was not in style to say the least and my social life suffered!  By chance I met Vito and KT from CharlotteRIPS.  They provided me with a game plan and motivated me when I wanted to give up.  These guys are the real deal!  Now girls say I look like a model!  CharlotteRIPS is the best!

My name is George and I have been training with CharlotteRIPS for a year.  I'm almost 50 years old and I have never felt like I feel today!

I have always struggled with my weight and lack of strength.  I made the choice to come to CharlotteRIPS and it's been the best decision of my life.  I am now stronger, faster, and more energetic than I was when I was 25!

After gaining 118 lbs during two pregnancies, Candace weighed a total of 308 lbs.  With the economy being in such a bad state and having been turned down for government assistance to attend community college, she decided to look into joining the Army.  After contacting a recruiter, she was told she needed to lose almost 120 lbs.  She tried to focus on the positive aspects instead of the negative and changed her eating habits for a loss of about 50 lbs where she then hit a plateau.  She began working with Vito of CharlotteRIPS and could feel his passion for the work he put forth and found herself looking forward to her personal training sessions.  In one month of training, Candace lost 3% body fat!  She has now lost a permanent 108 lbs, 8 inches in her hips, and 7 inches in her waist.  And to top it off, Candace was accepted into the United States Army!

"Your contributions made my future dreams become realistic accomplishments."